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Deans Intresting Life from Zero +

September 1973 was the day that a young boy called Dean Bradford was born.This story explains the world through out his childhood Revealing his mind through surreal Thoughts .Seeing the world with a conscious focused mind, and questioning all that he saw.1973 I can see the stars in the night sky, They comfort me so much, there is a pale breeze blowing, I love the feeling of this fresh air stroking my face, as I look up at these stars they look so sharp through my brand new eyes, even thou I can’t speak yet I am already starting to understand beauty.

1974 I am being pushed along in a silver cross pram by a woman I don’t know! I’m sitting up looking across the road, I see my mum and dad getting on the bus! This makes me very sad and I start to cry, then my vision starts to be filled with tears and I cant stop myself ,I cried myself to sleep.

1975 I’m in our garden on goldsmith walk I see a boy next door! His name is also called Dean, I notice a old singer sowing machine by the wall of his mums house. We play with the toys together in a nice sunny day.

1976 My dad tells me stories to help get me to go to sleep, even though he never expected me to remember them to this day I do! One story was about the time he stopped a ship from sinking in the army by chewing lots of gum and filling the gaps.I also after moving into mcorly drive my mum came home with a new baby, He looks strange with something weird coming out his belly, and when he cries he cries strange also.(During the move into this house Dean was often seen Talking to nobody on the stairs)[but cant remember today]

1977 Got a Text book and pen for my birthday and right away I did a scribble on the 1st page. I showed my mum and dad and they smiled, but in my mind I was thinking (wow they like it when I scribble) so I scribbled in every page as fast as I could! Because I wanted to make my mum and dad happy.I would love to draw them a picture. But they like this better.I have been talking to a man on the stairs in the house.I see a mans face look down at me from the corner of the ceiling but I don’t know what it is.(because Dean Never knew of Ghosts or what they were! that’s why he didn’t fear it)

1978 Teacher just asked me to go wash that grin off my face, I have just washed my face and walked back into the classroom , Don’t come in here until you wipe that grin of your face, I’m washing really hard, my face is really clean I can’t see a grin, this time the teacher lets me back in the classroom as I was not in a happy mood any more!Christmas Day is just a few days away! The teacher wants us to take down the pictures to take home.As I use this staple remover I notice a crunch sound on my head, I can feel a pair of scissors in my head from the girl near me who was also taking out staples.I then pulled out the scissors and kept quiet about the accident because I don’t want her to get in trouble by teacher.(Dean never told anybody because he totally forgot with the magic of Christmas near by)Chitty chitty bang bang is on tele the car is amazing , dad will you make us a car like that?Also I watched a scary movie today it had a yellow brick road and a scary green lady who melts with water. And the tree that came alive and they went to see the wizard of oz, he couldn’t even do any magic.

1979 it’s a great summer and dads made us a go-kart like chitty chitty bang bang there’s a drivers seat and a passenger seat, and on a sign at the side, it says: 5p to ride, 7p to drive, and soon we had paying riders, its was fun. Mum brings us all a home made lollypop and its really making my mouth water.Then a some passing kids asked where we buy them, I pointed to the house as I had a mouth full!Before we knew it my mum had kids buying ice lollies at the door! My mum sold small and large ones, 5p and 7pThey sold well even thou she never meant to sell in the 1st placeAlso we have the best ice cream lady in the world she sold us a ice cream on a cone with a rocket ice lolly stuck in. It was like a rocket that had crash landed in me ice cream.


We are going for a picnic today and I have my fishing net, we are walking through the deep grass, my mum, dad and brothers and sisters are all here walking together, its very warm and the skies are nice and blue. My mum is pushing my brother in his pushchair through the deep grass and suddenly a snake goes by the wheels and my mum looks scared, but the snake looks more scared, We are at the little stream now! My dad and my uncle are playing catch with my brother, uncle on one side of stream and dad on other, then my dad picked me up and throws me over to my uncle, then we went down stream a bit,Then we had our sandwiches near the tunnel that runs under the road from the stream, it was sandwich spread and we had some crisps, we shared a bottle of orange, then we went down to a deeper part of the stream, other kids are on big black rings, splashing and playing about, I had the water up to my shoulders and had a good play,After a short while I got out and dried off!We are packing away we can see dark clouds getting closer to us.Its starting to rain now, so we have gone in the woods near the road to shelter till it stops!I hear a howling sound in the distance, there it is again. We are all walking by the road in the heavy rain after dad decided it would not stop.I am walking with my head down and slightly behind my family. As I looked back to see how far we have walked I saw a lightning strike the gutter in the road where I had just walked seconds ago. I was just glad I was not hit! And just hoped we would get home safe!

DREAM:[I have been dreaming of a pet T-rex who lives in the hills towards the barrets estate, when ever I am in trouble he will come to the rescue. He would eat the bullies and take me home from school]Also in my dream I picked up a garden fork and pushed it up in the air. And it woken the giant. Then he would stomp all over the place.Also I discover that the footsteps I hear in my head were in fact just the sound of my heat beating.Dad has fetched a big dog and I hide behind my mum as I don’t want to get eaten,The dog is the same as the dog in the deluxe advert on tele.

1980 my dad has taken Tasher to the kennels, he says it’s a holiday for dogs.Then we went on our holiday to clethorpes, we stayed in family tent. We have come home from holiday early, the house is a mess and the window glass is on floor. Mum will not let me see anything,When tasher came home she had lost her bark for a while.A man takes our photo in the front garden, the whole family including the dog. Then I see it in the local news paper, and mum said we got burgled and they took our TV and money out the meter, I shared a cracker with Tabby our cat in the tent in the garden. I clamped it with my mouth until it was short enoth for me to let go.

DREAMS: I dream of monsters in my walls, they come out of a door between two doorways. I see a passageway through the door it turns to the right. I hear monsters walking closer, foot steps, as they come to get me!(a few Dreams later)I am dreaming them monsters again. But this time its my turn to be the monster. So I open the door and went to where the monsters were! In a dark room! And said this is my dream and now I’m a bigger monster than you.After that I never got chased in my dreams again,I just had the holes to deal with. They open up at the corners of the walls and at the sides of roads.The holes used to suck me down even if I wasn’t near them.I used to try and run away! The way I solved it was by finding a magic lamp and rubbing it.And out pops a genie. He said I had 3 wishes. So I wished I could fly as my 1st wish and I wished for all the powers of a genie, and for my last wish! I wish I can have 10000 wishes.So now when the whole shows up! I can just fly over them!I never wished the holes away! Because I can beat them now! And after a while the holes stopped being a there. Even thou I could fly! I never flew very high. I just hover.

1981 My dad made a flag with the queen on. We went to town (Lincoln town centre) the streets are filled with thousands of people Waving their flags and cheering.It is a very wet day! And it is hard work to keep up with the adults!I can see a lady with white gloves on. She is waving and smiling. She looks towards me and waves.She is wearing a red outfit and she has a hat on.We are back at the house now! Glen my brother is playing on his plastic pedal car.He has got lots of snails out on the concrete. He drives over them all.All I can hear is crunch crunch crunch . I could not look easily because I love nature.Any he missed he stamped on.I was helping my dad with the garden, he wanted me to catch these long black beetles as the garden was infested. When I find them! They stick their backs up at me!I just grab it with my fingers, and it grabs me with its jaw.It hurts so much. I will never pick them up again

1982 We are moving to Nottingham soon, I want to say good bye to my mates, but now its to late.My dad and my uncle Malc were driving to Nottingham and back in a van. They took me to Newark to play at my uncle kev’s house while they were busy moving.My uncle has a rabbit in the kitchen! But it was his dinner.I like rabbits as pets! But not food.Soon my dad fetches me and takes me to the Hyson Green flats.They have a lot of items to move in still! We have moved in with my Grandma for a while till we get a house to live in.So we start school at the other side of the flats.When I go down the ramps I see a dark place (old unused car park) I try to run past it. That place haunted me every time.My dad projected a projector at the Cricketers pub wall from room window.I am on the balcony above the flat. it is really wicked to see it this way!On Tuesday mornings there used to be a market right outside the front of the flats. I can see ever thing from the window. When they finish I go get cardboard and slide down the brick ramps. It is fun.

1983 My brother is not home yet. My mum and dad have been looking everywhere for him and can‘t find him.I knock on Freds door . Have you seen my brother anywhere? Fred said no.I went with my mum and dad to the police station.They interviewed us together. I say to the police I have a feeling that Glen is in Freds house even thou he said he’s not.Working off the hunch the police went to Freds house and found My brother.And brought him home. Oh yes we pressed charges.


(Some time later)we going to our new home on Brewster’s road today.We are walking for miles. My grandma brings the liquorish twigs to chew.Soon we come to a great big hill and at the very top we see our new home.The area is very tidy and clean and has plenty of parks nearby.And we have three grass hills by some steps where I can rolly polly all the way down.I can see really far over the houses. I like it here.


I am at my 1st day at the school at the bottom of the hill.Even thou I have never seen the faces of the others in my class before I feel I have.Everything that happened on this day was like massive da-ja-vu.I even could tell what others would say as their 1st words to me.It was a strange day! But I had to keep it to myself. As it was to strange to speak

1984 DREAMThe three hills became a great place for me to learn to fly. When I fly downwards my belly would tickle.Every time I try to show somebody in my dream that I can fly! I would say watch me fly mum or dad or to friends. But when I jump nothing happens. And they look at me as if I am mad!

1985 When I walk down corridor’s in the school I get high frequency sounds in my ears.But my friend does not hear it. I would to say to my friend we have computer in the class today. He used to wonder how I know! It was that sound.I started hearing it from TV’s and later (sky dishes when older) it used to lead to pains.Also that Christmas I won the card making contest. I was the only one to make my card with moving parts.

1986 We are going on a holiday with some group! But its not with the family.Just me glen and cheryle we are at skegness. My brother accidentally pulls off the snooker table pocket and hides the pocket under his pillow. We went out to the beach. I dig deep hole. Took 3 spades to dig as the spades kept snapping . When I stood in my hole with my head is just out the top. A friend pushes the sand in all around me trapping me in.It took about 20 minutes to get free with a bit of help.

1987 I am being chased up Brewster’s road by 2 lads from another school.They often would chase me to threaten me with their fists and that they want to beat me up.One other day as they chased me up! I stopped running and turned and faced them both.They tried to trip me over 1st but that never worked. Some how! I grabbed their arms and swung them into each other and walked away! As I looked back they were on the ground holding their heads.They never chased me again.I start new school Eliot Durum its really different that my other school.We have to go to different classrooms for science ,maths, RE, Art, woodwork, Drama, ect. . .I learn the burning of zinc and that it goes really bright, I loved science very much.But one day I dropped a glass triangle prism on the ground. A chip of glass shot off.I knew that they cost a lot of money! And never wanted to get the bill for a accident.So I had to act fast! I got the flat glass chipping off the floor and ran the sharp edge over my hand.So I told the teacher I cut myself on the prism and then dropped it.The cut wasn’t that deep. And I never got the bill for the damaged item.


Strange things happened to me this year.I was laying in my bed looking towards the door. A very angry man came storming in the room. He grabs me and pulls me off the bed. And I really end up on the floor. Then he is gone.The next night it happened again. Exactly the same as before and about the same time.It was the 2nd time since my mum put my bed in the new spot in the room.So I decided to move the bed away from that spot myself.It never happened again. problem solved. didn’t tell anybody because it was to silly.


Also that summer I attempted to get a apple from a tree. It was the only one of the whole tree that was left. I slipped and fell. I passed a few branches before I grabbed one that left me only a few inches from the spiky railings and below that was blackberry bushes and nettles. And on the branch I was holding onto had some kind of spiky ivy. I was so amazed that I got through that! Made me think I must have a reason for my life! As I have just had it spared.After that I used to do lots of dangerous things! As I felt I could do anything and I will be safe.Climbing buildings and hanging off sides of high places!Always daring myself to do things.

1988 cross country running it the allotments in the rain is cool. When it rains the teacher says Cross Country Running and the others sulk. But not me! I smile!As I run the rain keeps me cool so I can run even more! And the mud splashes all over!Makes the shower a welcome place when I get back.I learn the different names of files in metal work today. The one that sound funny is the bastard file!So that evening when I got hot I said bastard in front of my dad! Just as he was about to tell me off!I said file. Bastard File. Do you have one dad?Then I got away with it!


We moved house again, we moved to a house near where my grandma used to live in the flats.Just around the corner and down a street.We lived 3 doors away from a chippy where ya could get a bag of chips for 15p.The sweet shop was only about 7 doors away. Where ya could get a bag of ChocolateLick for 10p (crushed up M’&‘M) Kelly my Yorkshire terrier was born. And I chosen the one that bites my nose!

1989 Now I am at Sandfeild.The new school is not doing me any good in the learning part.I left Elliot Durum so interested in learning. But this school messed it all up.I was the only English person in the class and the rest were Asian. There were about 7% of the school that was English.I wanted to get on with anybody.As long as I get to learn. The Asian boys use to gang up on me in the corridor. Even thou I beat them all at arm wrestle 5 or six were just to much for me!When I did runs around the school in Games. I never mean to be in front. I just ended up there.And they used to get me after school for winning.The teachers saw the lads messing in class, but never told them off!So I could not write anything or learn for about a year!In the end I had to leave that school because of the trouble!I taught Kelly W.A.L.K if I would say W Kelly would look up at me! If I say A she would tilt her head. L and she would stand up. K and she would waggle her tail and run about.I used to test her! Too by changing the K for another letter. She would just sit back down then. When Kelly gets out the house without a lead! She would run and run.She loved to explore. And bark at everybody. And chase bigger dogs.

1990 I am now at Elis Guilford school. The trouble from Sandfeild was already giving me problems.Not only was I needing help to catch up.The Teachers were on strike a lot over pay and school funds were very low.In my last 2 years of school. I hardly got any homework. And my books were never marked!So I never knew if I were right or wrong.I was quietly suffering inside! Ashamed of telling anybody.Other kids were secretly smoking! And they tried to get me started!I thought why smoke! And be like them! I am what I want to be!When in the English lesson I was asked to read out into the classroom.I was reading well when my eyes went blurry for a few seconds on and off.And the timing of my eyes going blurry was on simple words.So the teacher would say the word filling in the gaps I missed.I never told the teacher that my eyes went blurry because it was an on and off thing.I didn’t think ya need glasses when you eyes only blur when reading.So the teacher put me in a special English class to learn.All the things they taught me were to simple! And I was again missing out on important knowledge that I could have had in the normal class.That summer I went to stay at my grandmas flat near St Ann’sI was walking along the side of a inland cliff edge!I slipped and fell and landed at the bottom.I struggle for my breath of air. About an hour of focusing and concentration I got myself together.I thought I was lucky I could get up.But only when I got back to school after the holidays during Games. I noticed a change in the way I was running.Something happened to my back from that fall. I had unlimited back trouble since then and onwards.And had to avoid games without telling anybody about my accident.I was so upset that I could not join in! but wanted to so much.I wrote letters from my mum to the teacher! To get me off games.I know it is a bad thing to do! But I was in too much pain.

1991 In the final year of school. The only comfort I had in school know was Art and Music. I had trouble reading music fast enoth to play it. My eyes would go all over the place! And I loose focus very easy. So I had to work from ear when playing! I was in my own world. Painting surreal pictures to help express my sorry soul.I would paint at dinner and all breaks. And sometimes when I was meant to do Games I got myself secret art classesWhen the exams came up I was really in a panic. I knew I need to know more of things I missed!And if the exams are about what we are meant to have learned then what am I meant to have learned?I took all exams and then I left school and started working for Kwik-Fit.They sent me up Scotland on a training courses away from home six weeks at a time.About 6 months later after leaving school I went back to find out my results!1st I went to the art room to ask for my art! I was told it as gone! I was upset! Even thou I could paint them all again! As most of it was all out my mind.Then I went to the office and had trouble getting any results at all! Admin problems or something!The school was still suffering.I ended up leaving still not knowing if I passed anything or not!

More of the LIve of Dean Bradford coming soon 1992-2007+

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dniteryder said...

I like reading about your life as i find bioghraphies in general interesting. sounds like you saw a few ghosts along the way and you moved alot just like i did growing up. Wonder i even made it all the way through school. 11 different schools in 12 years, and i too got picked on just for being quiet till i guess i couldn't take it anymore and grabbed hold of one boy one day and picked him up and was about to throw him on the floor, then i came to myself and put him down with the statement dont ever make fun of me again any of you or anyone else. Since i was tall for my age too so after that i was never picked on again, i guess word got around. no matter where i went after that i was determined that no one would make fun of my clothes, my quietness or anything else ever again. Most of it sounded nice like mine but then there are some not so nice things too but then on one has a perfect life i think at least i haven't found anyone with one yet. I enjoyed reading it.