Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Flying Mansion from out of space

I had an interesting dream last night.
Sometimes my dreams are like movies.
I sit back and watch as my Imagination really surprises me.
And last night it did.
Started off with a man working on a spire of a building.
And as he was working !
He noticed a bright light high in the sky.
As the craft got closer a Middle age woman all dressed posh and wealthy stood by a door way hovering by the man working on the spire.
She demanded that he should go and pick a fresh rose from his Garden and return with it within 10 minutes.
She Demanded this as away of seeing how much control she had over us Humans.
And when he returned with the rose she knew that the people here were weak and easy to control.
So the large flying craft (Flying Mansion) Landed on a near by Park and ride resort.
The woman then offers the people near by hospitality as if they were all neighbors,
Offering a friendly Welcome inviting totally anybody for a Drink and Cake and food.
Before I realized the ladies intensions were not good.
I noticed that the streets started to bye less populated.
And most people of the town were all enjoying the company of the Posh lady from Out of space!
I decided I would go in and checkout what was happening inside.
When I went a room full of people sitting in row’s with cups of drinks and food on a table.
There was a person standing by a White board.
The people in the room were talking synchronized word by word.
Then the person at the white board got the wiper and wiped away the very complex information from the board.
As if to hide something from me.
Then I went in another room of people! And then again the board was wiped.
I realized that the people were being brain washed.
All the People loved the company of the Lady from Out of space!
And was so Happy they would protect her with their lives if need be!
That’s how they were brain washed! As if the public were too happy for her company! Before their own.
I noticed that the Patten of which the boards were wiped was the same as all the others.
My logical mind realized they must been under control like a robot would take orders.
And when the Law and stepped in to investigate the problem of the parking on the Park and ride patch!
They was welcomed with a drink and food.
I was thinking maybe the Food or Drink helped induce the peoples minds.
Then the police force also turned powerless.
Until another police force realized what has been happening and they did not touch the food.
The police called the service of the Army!
They was all ordered not to eat or drink anything.
All our people surrounded the Mansion in a protective stance!
The Lady from out of space had turned our own people into an army of her own!
She knew how to play with people emotions and used that against us.
I then said Stop Stop!
As if I was a film Director.
The End and then I just wake up!
And it was a long dream I just had! Like a action packed film.
And now I was feeling the ache of my mind as I wake from a long sleep of Dreams.
It just goes to show how much detail can be picked up from our normal dreams.
And how much Control we have.
I hope you enjoyed me sharing my dream with you.

If anybody wants to do me a picture to go with this dream.
Please submit to me! and i will add it.


Quackster said...

I guess your dream from outer space is a pun and an understatement.

Dean Bradford said...

Im only writing what happens in my dreams! regardless how silly it is! there is no understatement about it. Simply what happened.
I may just wake with too much detail sometimes.