Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I found the ghost of my Child hood on Google Earth

I have decided to add a closer picture here because on the final video the picuture is a bit pixelated and i noticed that even i had trouble seeing it.
Here is the house i lived in between age 4-8 in the late 70s.
If you have been directed to this blog to get these Co-ordinates then please do the Following.
Simply copy 53°14'51.29"N 0°30'52.53"W
and paste this code into the google earth search bar and hit enter. then click on the bubble to get house window view and simply zoom in.
This picture is very clear! and you have good chance of seeing the ghost.
This will prove that i have not done any effects.

Please Return Here soon! and i will share my childhood memories! the stange ones!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I also saw a smiling face on the wall of his former
home, but can also be a ladybug which also seems