Monday, 14 September 2015

The Risks of Teleportation vs Jump Drives

If you were to teleport an object from place to another you would be simply taking the data of the object then that object is then destroyed.
But on the other end a copy of that object is created.
So theoretically if that was possible then you should be able to duplicate that object as many times as you like.
Nobody will ever go hungry.
But that is where we should draw the line.
As if it was tested on humans it would seem successful as people use the teleportation as a safe and fast way to travel.
And the price of this service is not just your money, but your life.
From the moment a person chooses to teleport, they have now been copied by a quantum computer and the master copy (You)
That person has now been deleted and that data is sent to the other quantum computer.
Then a copy of you has been created with your memories and your feelings and will now live out your life but your copy will be missing the most important part. The soul and the ability to love, all feelings will be blank.
No care for loving just liking.
So I believe that unless teleportation or scientists have discovered the soul and spirit scientifically and worked out how to move that to the copy then this form of travel should be a no no.

But that doesn't mean traveling long distances extremely fast would be impossible.
As jumping from one point to another as long as it's in a strait line entering a warped placement in the sky and coming out at another warped placement would be safer than teleportation as long as you vibrate the vehicle into another frequency that makes all solid matter around you become disconnected from your reality, then you need to pick up enough speed to propel you forward so that when you are in hyper space  the momentum will carry you completely through, the weightlessness of hyperspace will result in a powerful jump that should be aiming at a set target that you have locked onto. It important that hyper jump gates have set out points else this could result in becoming lost in space and the chances of finding your way back would be a zillion to one.

Sometimes my dreams show me things like this, and normally my mind collects more information regarding the amazing inventions that I see.
This always makes me wonder if the ideas are my own ideas or do they somebody else.