Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Astral-naughts Space Travel

Is the answer to traveling across space looking us in the face?
If we want to travel to other worlds without the massive costs and risk to lives then we need a different way of thinking.
Even if we were to reach these speeds needed, Any dust fragment could cause destructive results, The odds and chances of this happening are very high in deed.
Here are a few ideas of my own:

I think we would need to vibrate at a frequency that allows us to move through solid matter.

Maybe the secret to traveling faster and reaching other stars is to use our own Sun, By using it as our jump start as we vibrate into a phase then safely ride from star to star like Dot to dot.

If not this way, Maybe learn to astral travel and become Astralnaughts, and travel the speed of thought, Known as spontaneous astral travel.

The ability to use our Third eye has been inhibited for many years now.
The Pineal  Gland that is our sense that has been clouded in many ways through foods and drinks and even drugs and maybe in other things that we are forced to follow.

I have tested out my sight in the early 90's and I did find that i did 4 things that turned over positive results, My very skeptic brother claims the results to be fluke, but I would sit in a chair facing my brother whilst he removed a random playing card from the deck.
I would close my eyes and then project my vision forward and around to the other side of the card.

I did this 3 times in a row getting them spot on and also it freaked me out at the same time.
I even decided to try my first ever astral projection experiement, I left my body and floated through the bedroom floor, into the bathroom then I went through that floor with a nice smooth flow.

As my point of view came out into the dinning room I could see both my brothers next to the Sega Megadrive and one of them playing Sonic the Hedgehog and too my amazement i could even hear the music playing from the game.
So then I dashed back up through the Bathroom and into my bedroom strait under my bed into my body again.
My body pulled me back with no effort.
Then I got up out of bed and then went down 2 flights of stairs into the dinning room to see exactly what i saw in my experiment.

But later I discovered Spontaneous Astral Travel, also through my own experiments.
This is an ability to travel great distances at the speed of thought.
My first Spontaneous Astral travel experience revealed proof of something else that could mean we could meet up with other beings from other places.
Please read my post Dream Same Dream to fill you in more depth.

So now i would like to get together other people who can do this, so we can create the worlds First Astralnaughts space program.

Please follow me and keep Dreaming.


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