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How I Kept my Paranormal life secret until now

When I was 6 years old, I conquered my nightmares around a world surrounded in strange happenings.  At that age, The strange was considered normal,  At this age in the 70's, The things teachers would speak could only be imagined in a completely different way In my mind.
They told us that tornado's cut through buildings and everything in their path.  In my mind! I would be looking out for giant sawmill blades cutting through everything in my path.
These years were the earliest part of my paranormal life,  when I remember seeing a man look through the corner of the ceiling, I was told that I said I also saw a dog too.  But I cant recollect that memory so well as I looked directly at the mans face.
I wasn't afraid of it because as far as I new, It was normal.
I was told that I was seen talking to something on the stairs, But that part I don't remember sorry.
When I was 8 years old we moved from Lincoln to Nottingham to the Hyson Green flats that have been knocked down for a long time now,  And it was the beginning of the time I started to just ignore the all I had experienced.  It was only as I grew up I stared to learn what I experienced wasn't normal.

I still were exposed to paranormal events, When we moved to the Top of Brewster's Road in St Anne's at number 68  My Mum or Dad rearranged my beds location in the bedroom, to the back corner too the road outside.
Haunted Bed location behind wall 

As I lay'ed there some angry man stormed into the bedroom and grabbed me by the chest tightly and  yanked or pulled me from my bed. And then he would be gone when I hit the ground.
So I got back up and went back into my bed.
The next day, about the same time, This angry man again stormed into my bedroom and did the same as before, and again he vanished as I hit the floor quite a few meters from my bed.
I got up! I then Pulled and pushed my bed to another spot in my room! And it never happened again.  I didn't even tell anyone because I didn't want to seem out of place to my friends.
As well as trying to hide this side of my Life, I also kept my Creativity side hidden from friends as I didn't know anyone that would understand my world.
These are just a small sample of what I left behind and what now seems to be waking up inside me.
I think that some traumatic events are picked up and played back when the right person and the location are entwined,  creating these events.
(These are like recordings, I believe these can also be people who are not dead. And are not entities or spirits as such).

Now lets push ourselves away from them events to when i was about 17-18 years old
I experimented with looking around corners whilst sitting with my eyes closed.
My brother chosen 3 cards in total for me to see.
I would visualize each card by moving out from my body and looking around the corner and seeing the the cards.  Then i would return back to myself with no effort at all
After it worked 3 times in a row, I decided the more i get right, the more freaked out i would get.
More other experiments were conducted secretly between my self.
I went to lay down to specifically have ago at leaving my bed whilst laying down.
I floated through the bed, through the floor into the bathroom That was bright because someone left the light on, Then I went through the floor again and came out in the Dinning room.
The room light was off and i could see Both Brothers, one playing on Sonic the hedgehog on the Sega Mega drive and the other watching.
That is when I discover that we can even pick up sound too.

Then I decided to go back up through the ceiling and through the bathroom floor upto the bedroom and then through my bed strait into my own body.
I then got up and ran down stairs to see exactly what I saw from my experiment.

Ken Greene who was known as the name Angela Britvic and renowned for his generous contribution to charity for Guide dogs, After raising money for over 70 guide dogs doing charity disco service putting on acts and cheering up crowds.

Ken also had the ability to read people and he could sense that I carry a Gift, An ability to communicate with spirits. At the time, I didn't take him too seriously, I just carried on doing my own experiments and also I doubted everything I had done, And often dismissed my experiences as false memories. And some of them involved allowing spirits into my body and a friend getting hurt, and they all were spirits trying to warn me of something bad that is going to happen. But regardless I blamed the spirits for causing the events that happened in the first place. And one was a Fire, I did the " Is there any body there" And dam it! Something bloody talked through me warning me about a fire.  Few moments later, My sister opened the kitchen door and there was fire running up the wall to the kitchen ceiling.
I still don't know if that was someone trying to help or cause it. Or something was trying to protect me from the other side.

Again I am going to skip forward in my life even though that so much did happen, Its just that i felt

By building you up from events that could be contributed to what I am now, we can build an idea to what I am about to become as i feel as if my abilities are now starting to return.

Now lets come to our Time 2017,  But 2 years before the event that happened only a few days ago.
I visited My sister and her family and stayed for a few days, Whilst I was sitting on a chair in his room, something assumed I would allow it to communicate or take control over my body, I always thought that we have to give them permission before they can do that.
What do I look like to them?
How do I stand out to spirits?  Do i Vibrate also in their frequency? Or they just notice that I can sense them? So they assume I can be used as an host.
What a battle it was for me to fight and push out with all my rejected thoughts,  My whole body resonated with a strange energy and after my final rejection push! I was left with ache all over my body that left me with the reminder in the form of after pains.

Now lets go to present day
Friday before the weekend that has just gone, I went to Swindon again,  I stayed at my sisters again and sleep'ed on the downstairs sofa.
Whilst I was there, at no point did I go upstairs to sit on that chair in my nephews bedroom.
Nothing at all happened whilst I was there.

But when I got back to Skegness where I currently live.
I lay'ed down, Suddenly I was having a battle for my body.
I kept losing movement control and had that strange energy flow all over my body and it felt like my heart had stopped.  It felt like something was trying to take control of my body and i had to fight for movement,  But as soon as i gained control, It tried to take over again, Every time i felt the need to rest as got weaker and weaker.
This entity was then trying to take control of my mouth movements, As I had lost the ability to speak with my physical mouth! I always felt that I had an astral mouth too.
So I shouted out " To whoever has been watching over my life through out the years, To the one that has intervened and have helped me out in lots of situation, I am calling for your help right now.
Please help this entity get to where it should be and out of my life.

Then a few more moments of this entity clinging to my body! It was as if it was being pulled away from me, yet it hold'ed on so tightly!  I could hear a savage like screeching sound through my own mouth and alternated between my physical and Astral mouth as it opened and close repeatedly under my face! as it was the last part that it had hold of me.
Sounded more like a Tasmanian Devil to be honest.

I Pulled myself away from that position, then I kind of sat up and supported my face with my hand and elbow rested on sofa arm.
I was still feeling the aches from the strange energy flow that I had been feeling.  Again it seemed like my body was being inhabited by somethings own frequency, and this creating the Unstable conditions that were felt as strange energy waves.

I am also feeling like my third eye maybe waking up after all these years and at the moment I can only see plasma and energy without my eyes.

Every thing I have written in this post are only my events as they happened, and I do hope that my experiences do become of great use and who knows, I might save some peoples lives in the process.

None of this is made up and is no way meant to be mocked.

please follow and comment if you can relate to my experience thank you.


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