Thursday, 17 January 2008

Waking in My Sleep

My Favorite way to Enter a Lucid Dream is explained in this Picture that i have made for you as my Example.

The Black and white represents Normal dreaming.

The Color represents Waking in your sleep.

When i see a Building tall and old in my dream its my trigger as a Reminder about waking in my sleep.

I make my way to the top of this tall Building and stand on top looking down at the gloomy twisted dream world I'm in!

I know this is a Dream and have 100% confident's that if i jump off i will not hit the ground.

So i jump off the edge and can feel the falling effect inside! And just as i get close to the ground i swoop up and pull a Loop of Confidence and then my dream turns into a Lucid Flight.

Now its sunny and detail is so perfect and clarity so acute and light glistens off the water and i even love it when i am flying over trees and each leaf and branch full of color and perfectness.

Looks amazing when i look at my feet flowing over the Meadow's and rivers.

But to start with its important you over come all fear in your dreams.

Then i can help you all have dreams like this.

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dniteryder said...

good information i will try to remember it the next time i dream