Wednesday, 27 February 2008

My Story Index Made easy

Creative stories:
Robin and Magpie Very cute story about a young boy who's imagination runs away with him has he sits on a swing in a park by the river.
Aphrodite of the water: This story is inspired by Dreams and a wonderful place at the Lake District in England. 35% of this story are real events that were evolved to create this great fantasy journey in the imagination.
Destiny is Chocolate: What if you get a box of chocolates that has its own powers? Read to find out what happens.
Midnight Train: This story starts at Weatherspoons pub and leads to a story with an amazing twist. The people in the story are based on real friends. All in all we have a story that goes from a real life lifestyle and then a sci-fi twist is thrown in. Enjoy!
Viaduct: Past and Future: A young boy larking about in a Viaduct tunnel reaches out into the past! a great story! and a must for my readers! a story that brings you right in.
Coins of Destiny: This story is a funny one and a Magical one too. A boy finds a way to get to play the Arcade game he always wanted to play! But he had to travel 20 years into the future using 2 magic coins and a Afterburner games machine. Check it out retro fans!

True stories:
Deans Life from Zero:Story based on my true life growing up! and starts through the eyes of the baby! Very interesting concept! Check it out
Dream same Dream Story true:Here is the true story of the time i Had a Dream and met a person in this Dream in real life just weeks later! Who i never knew before in my life.

Dream Stories:
Waking in my sleep My description on how i like to wake up in my Dreams
Dreaming of other life I sometimes dream of other creatures. Check this out.
Dream same Dream 2: (Spoken) This is my 2nd meeting with somebody in my Dream.

Neutral world Poem:
Shadowed world Poem:
Waking Nature poem:
Lucid Dreams Poem:

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